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PharmaCog project team announces personnel changes

Sunday 01 April 2012

Our last newsletter mentioned the appointment of Régis Bordet as the new Academic Coordinator, replacing Alexandra Auffret. Since then, there have been several other changes:

- due to Régis’s new role, a new co-leader for Work Package (WP) 3 will be named. Pierre Payoux is the other co-leader.

- Joelle Micallef will take over from Alexandra to co-lead WP1, along with David Bartès-Faz.

- Darrel Pemberton replaces John Atack as co-leader of WP4. Esther Schenker remains the other co-leader.

- Bruno Boutouyrie, co-leader of WP10, has left the project. Lesley Stubbins will step in as co-leader and will also help lead the Ethics Advisory Board meetings until a replacement is identified.

- Hans-Goran Hardemark and Peter Annas, both from AstraZeneca, will leave the project at the end of June. They are, respectively, co-leaders of WP5 and WP10.


PharmaCog Work Packages:

WP1: Development and validation of translatable cognitive impairment models

WP3: Development and validation of translatable pharmacodynamic markers (clinical)

WP4: Development and validation of translatable pharmacodynamic markers (non-clinical)

WP5: Identification of biomarkers sensitive to disease progression

WP10: Communication, dissemination and ethics