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PharmaCog partners at the AAIC conference

Saturday 12 July 2014

Various PharmaCog researchers presented project results and posters at the AAIC 2014 conference, which took place during 12-16 July in Copenhagen, Denmark.

Claudio Babiloni presented "On-going frontal alpha rhythms are dominant in passive state and desynchronize in active state in adult gray mouse lemurs" and “'Men and mice' written by PharmaCog: Can EEG markers of Alzheimer’s disease be back-translated to mouse models?"

Dr Babiloni also presented three posters:

·         "Frontal cortical sources of auditory oddball event-related potentials are related to cerebrospinal fluid β amyloid in amnesic MCI subjects"

·         "Cortical sources of resting state eyes closed EEG rhythms are correlated to cerebrospinal fluid β amyloid in amnesic MCI subjects"

·         "Effects of donepezil on EEG-EMG markers in wild type (WT) and triple transgenic (TauPS2APP) mice EEG markers of motor activity in mice in physiological and pathological aging"

Esther Schenker presented the poster "In vivo microdialysis reveals (age-dependent) modification of frontocortical interstitial fluid levels of amyloid b1-40, b1-42, tau and other 'classical' neuromodulators in different strains of transgenic mice".

In November 2014, Dr Schenker will present the poster "Age-dependent changes of beta-amyloid and tau protein in two mouse models of Alzheimer’s disease" at the Neuroscience 2014 conference in Washington, DC.