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Alzheimer Europe has a new Board and welcomes two new member organisations

Monday 29 October 2018

Alzheimer Europe is pleased to present the Office holders and members of its new 2018-2020 Board, following the elections that took place during the Annual General Meeting (AGM) on 29 October 2018 in Barcelona.

Chairperson: Iva Holmerová (Czech Republic)

Vice-Chairperson: Charles Scerri (Malta)

Honorary Secretary: James Pearson (UK - Scotland)

Honorary Treasurer: Maria do Rosário Zincke dos Reis (Portugal)

Members: Stefanie Becker (Switzerland), Marco Blom (Netherlands), Sabine Jansen (Germany), Pat McLoughlin (Ireland), Sirpa Pietikäinen (Finland), Helen Rochford Brennan, Chairperson of the European Working Group of People with Dementia and ex-officio Board member with full voting rights (Ireland), Jesús Rodrigo (Spain), Karin Westerlund (Sweden).

The Office holders and Members of the Board were elected by representatives from Alzheimer Europe's full member associations that took part in the AGM. The new AE Board will serve a two-year term and will hold its first meeting in December 2018.

Alzheimer Europe wishes to thank outgoing Board members Marie-Odile Desana (France), Sabine Henry (Belgium) and Štefanija Lukič Zlobec (Slovenia) for their service.

Also during the AGM, Alzheimer Europe was pleased to welcome two new provisional member organisations.

Alzheimer’s Disease Association Macedonia and NGO Living with Dementia, Estonia were formally voted in, bringing the number of members to 42, hailing from 37 countries.

Members of NGO Living with Dementia (Estonia) with Alzheimer Europe Executive Director Jean Georges at the conference in Barcelona.

Dr Dragan Ilievski, President of the Alzheimer Disease Association of Macedonia, at Spominčica (Alzheimer Slovenia) conference in September 2018, with (left to right) Paola Barbarino (Alzheimer’s Disease International),ŠtefanijaLukič Zlobec (Spominčica) and Iva Holmerová (Alzheimer Europe Chairperson).