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32nd edition of Dementia in Europe magazine published

Monday 17 February 2020

The 32nd edition of Dementia in Europe magazine, published on 17 February 2020, highlights some of our efforts to make dementia a European priority, including: our December 2019 lunch debate; Alzheimer Europe’s 2019 Yearbook on dementia prevalence statistics for Europe, and our 2019 ethics report on promoting inclusive dementia research; and two significant research initiatives in which Alzheimer Europe is involved - the INTERDEM network and the PARADIGM project.

The Policy Watch section opens with welcome news from the Czech Republic, which has finalised its new national dementia strategy. At the international level, we cover the recent meeting of the Government Expert Group on Dementia, which met for the 3rd time in December 2019, and the Scottish Government discusses the conclusion of the 2nd EU Joint Action on dementia. We also look at how dementia is being prioritised by the World Health Organization (WHO) and the World Dementia Council.

“Dementia in Society” includes interviews with Jeremy Hughes and Michel Goedert, both important figures in the dementia field, though working in very different roles. In a third interview, author Nicci Gerrard (aka French) provides a touching glimpse into the subject matter and her motivations for writing her book, “What Dementia Teaches Us About Love”. We also take a closer look, together with three external experts, at results from Biogen’s Phase III clinical trials of Aducanumab. Two members of the European Working Group of People with Dementia (EWGPWD) share their experiences in this section: Chairperson Helen Rochford-Brennan shares her thoughts on a human rights symposium and Stefan Eriksson and his family discuss how life has changed since his diagnosis of young-onset dementia. Finally, we look at how deaf people living with dementia can be better supported.

The final magazine section shines a spotlight on our 29th Alzheimer Europe Conference “Making valuable connections” (#29AEC) in The Hague, in October 2019.

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