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PharmaCog holds second Annual General Assembly

Monday 16 January 2012

On 16-17 January, PharmaCog held its second Annual General Assembly in Marseille, France. The assembly was attended by around 110 delegates and chaired by Elisabetta Vaudano (Principal Scientific Manager), Jill Richardson (EFPIA Coordinator) and Alexandra Auffret (Academic Coordinator).

 During the first day, delegates heard presentations by the Work Package leaders, showing 2011 achievements and 2012 objectives of the ten work packages that make up the PharmaCog project. This was followed by an exhibit of 36 posters, showing the diverse methodologies used and results obtained by PharmaCog researchers in some 20 academic and commercial labs in Europe.

The second day was devoted to round-table sessions. Participants of each work group sat together to discuss current progress, potential setbacks and how to proceed in 2012, which will be the third of five years in the PharmaCog project lifetime.

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