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EMIF project teams hold progress meeting and workshops

Monday 10 June 2013

On 10-11 June, the EMIF project team held a progress meeting in Sitges, Spain. The meeting focused on the “Platform” side of the project and also featured workshops for WP11, WP15 and WP16.

The EMIF Platform will provide different degrees of access to multiple datasets within an integrated environment. During this meeting, delegates from Work Packages (WP) 9-16 heard an overall project update, discussed user requirements and saw a demonstration of the first tranSMART and EMIF Catalogue prototypes. There were also presentations on the three current Use Cases and the two in development. Each Use Case is a model of a specific function of the Platform, such as cohort dataset integration, data source characteristics feeding and browsing.

In addition, there were meetings of the WP11 (Harmonisation and semantics), WP15 (Sustainability and outreach) and WP16 (Programme management and dissemination) project teams. The WP11 colleagues briefly discussed the immediate actions to take to study the degree of semantics harmonisation required in EMIF. The WP15 colleagues met to discuss the organisation of a workshop to initiate the development of an EMIF-Platform business plan. This aims at ensuring the sustainability of the venture beyond the project timeline. The WP16 team continued to work on the external communications plan, including identification of target audiences and elaboration of key messages. The communications workshop continued on 14 June in Luxembourg.

This work has received support from the EU/EFPIA Innovative Medicines Initiative Joint Undertaking (EMIF grant n° 115372).