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Alzheimer Europe Board looks back on challenging year and plans for 2021

Monday 07 December 2020

During an online meeting, the Alzheimer Europe Board reviewed the activities carried out by the organisation during a particularly challenging year and noted the great progress achieved on many fronts. In particular, the Board welcomed the proactive way in which the organisation has adapted to the COVID-19 pandemic and how it had supported member organisations by providing a resource centre, adopting important policy recommendations and organising online webinars to exchange good practices between members. Another highlight was the first Virtual Conference “Dementia in a changing world” which attracted over 700 participants from 46 countries. The Board reviewed the evaluation provided by conference participants in which plenary sessions, the conference platform and the interactivity were all very highly rated with 99% of respondents saying that they would recommend AE Conferences to a colleague.

The Board also monitored the finances and noted that, despite a marked reduction in income of about 25%, the organisation had been able to budget very carefully and would therefore be in a position to end the year with a surplus.

Finally, the Board adopted the Work Plan and Budget for 2021.