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Alzheimer Europe supports call for increased emphasis on brain research in Horizon Europe programme

Monday 01 July 2019

18 major institutions from across Europe, with a shared interest in brain health and neuroscience, have launched a petition, on behalf of the scientific community, patients and carers, expressing concern about the future of this area of neuroscience research and especially research into brain diseases in Europe.

Based on the draft strategic plan for the EU’s forthcoming Horizon Europe (2021-2027) research programme, these 18 institutions, including Alzheimer Europe, agree that this area of research is hugely undervalued and deserves to be a much greater priority. The joint petition notes that we are all perplexed and seriously concerned about the decision not to choose brain health as one of the research mission areas for the first four years of the programme. Only one mission area was related to health, and this relates only to cancer. Across Europe, cancer receives approximately 15 times as much funding as dementia.

Whilst funding for the Human Brain Project is welcomed, the project is limited in scope. Additional funding must be made available to allow for study into brain development, function and decline.

It should also be noted that, if Europe does not prioritise brain research, there is a significant risk that countries such as the USA and China will make progress in the field, leaving the EU behind.

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