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In this section you can find all of the articles appearing in our monthly Alzheimer Europe e-newsletters. The newsletters, which aim to keep you informed of developments in the dementia field and to update you on our activities and those of our member organisations can be found on our website for download here.

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22/04/2020 A new study reports an association between long-term flavonoid-rich foods and a reduced risk of Alzheimer’s disease and related dementias
21/04/2020 Sean Mackell, a member of the Irish Dementia Working Group, shares his experiences of the COVID-19 situation
21/04/2020 PARADIGM holds two-day virtual meeting to discuss its Patient Engagement toolbox
21/04/2020 European Disability Forum publishes human rights report
20/04/2020 Alzheimer’s Society calls on organisations in 13 different sectors to make adjustments to help people affected by dementia during COVID-19
20/04/2020 Greek Association of Alzheimer’s disease and related disorders continues its participation in Erasmus + project “Story2remember”
20/04/2020 Panhellenic Federation of Alzheimer’s Disease and Related Disorders take part in Erasmus+ project “iCONNECT”
20/04/2020 Researchers develop a new molecule that can reduce levels of amyloid plaques in mouse models
19/04/2020 Alzheimer Croatia office is among historic buildings severely damaged during earthquake in Zagreb
19/04/2020 Alzheimer Croatia makes special provision for people with dementia during the COVID-19 lockdown
15/04/2020 AMYPAD project published two new papers
15/04/2020 European Working Group of People with Dementia has first zoom meeting
14/04/2020 Alzheimer Europe Board adopts recommendations on how to promote the wellbeing of people with dementia and carers during the COVID-19 pandemic
13/04/2020 Analysis of public repository data identifies aKlothogene variant that reduces the risk of AD in carriers of theApoE4risk allele
12/04/2020 Information regarding BAME Dementia communities and COVID-19 published by Meri Yaadain CiC