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In this section you can find all of the articles appearing in our monthly Alzheimer Europe e-newsletters. The newsletters, which aim to keep you informed of developments in the dementia field and to update you on our activities and those of our member organisations can be found on our website for download here.

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24/01/2020 Monty Python star Terry Jones dies with a variant of frontotemporal dementia
22/01/2020 Neurotrope reports results from its Phase II trial of Bryostatin-1 for moderate to severe AD
20/01/2020 AETIONOMY project finalises sustainability agreement for knowledge base, data and sample sharing
20/01/2020 The Alzheimer Society of Ireland demands that the new Irish Government finally “Deliver on Dementia”
15/01/2020 EPAD has recruited its 2,000th participant
14/01/2020 AMYPAD passes the mark of 1,000 research participants for its clinical studies
13/01/2020 Investigating connections between metabolic disorders, compulsivity and cognitive impairment: PRIME project holds kick-off meeting in Frankfurt
13/01/2020 Biogen acquires Pfizer’s experimental drug PF-05251749 for neurological diseases
08/01/2020 Study in Nature points to a role for the adaptive immune system in Alzheimer’s disease
08/01/2020 Clinical study shows that an active lifestyle can slow cognitive decline in people with inherited forms of frontotemporal dementia
08/01/2020 Research study suggests that a class of antibiotics may help treat frontotemporal dementia
08/01/2020 Research suggests that the assessment of walking speed improves predictive ability to detect dementia
08/01/2020 Members of the EWGPWD and Alzheimer Europe publish article reflecting on Patient and Public Involvement in research
07/01/2020 New study investigates the prevalence of Mild Cognitive Impairment in the elderly population in Greece
06/01/2020 Biohaven Pharmaceutical reports successful completion of an interim futility analysis for its Phase II/III T2 Protect AD study