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Personal experiences of living with dementia

Personal accounts of living with dementia can be an invaluable support to people with dementia and give insight to all who work in this area. The Dementia in Europe magazine runs a regular feature about peoples' experiences from different countries around Europe.

In this section we have contributions from and/or summaries of literature about peoples' experiences of living with dementia.

To read news articles written by people living with dementia, please also see our news section called Living with dementia.







  • June: Jean-Pierre Frognet, Vice-chair of the EWGPWD, living with dementia in Belgium, writes about his “trial period” in a day care centre.


  • April: Philip C. writes about the challenges of caring for his wife Carmen as she developed dementia.
  • February: Ramona Amariei describes four years of caring for her mother, who lives with Alzheimer's disease.


  • June: Paola describes her life since she was diagnosed with dementia.
  • March: Helga Rohra reminds us that life is beautiful, even with dementia.


  • September: James McKillop talks about the difficulties of driving after developing dementia.
  • April: A carer from Spain describes his experience of caring for his wife who had dementia.


  • December: Hasse and Birgitta Hansson describe their experience of living with dementia in Sweden.
  • May: Stewart Cooper describes his life with Alzheimer's disease in his adopted country of Luxembourg.


  • December: Roger Newman, co-founder of the Lesbian, Gay, Bisexual and Transgender (LGBT) Support Group of the Alzheimer's Society, talks about what can be done to ensure inclusion and diversity.

Last Updated: Wednesday 05 June 2019