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Brain tissue donations

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Brain tissue donations


What is involved in post mortem brain tissue donation and how can it be arranged?


It is a good idea to discuss the issue of brain tissue donation with your doctor and with other members of the family as they may have reservations about it. You may be concerned that the process will interfere with funeral arrangements. This should not be the case as it is carried out soon after the person’s death and does not disfigure in any way.

It is usually relatively easy to arrange for a donation of brain tissue. Your Alzheimer’s disease organisation will be able to inform you whom to contact. It is best to make arrangements well before the person’s death and check whether there are any costs involved. Researchers will probably want to contact the person’s doctor to see how the diagnosis was made and how definite it was. Different centres have different procedures so it is best to check in advance about any particular requirements (e.g. that the post mortem examination has to be undertaken within a specified period of time). Usually the person in charge of the research will arrange with the doctor and the family how to organise the post mortem examination. It might be necessary to move the deceased in order to carry out the post mortem. It is easier if this is all planned in advance.



Last Updated: Monday 05 January 2009