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Dementia Ethics Steering Committee

The Dementia Ethics Steering Committee supports the European Dementia Ethics Network by:

  • providing information on interesting literature and ethical positions,
  • by determining the priority areas for the work of the network,
  • by recommending experts as national ethics correspondents and members of ethical working groups set up by the network and
  • by monitoring the activities of the Secretariat and the ethical working groups.

Members of the Dementia Ethics Steering Committee have been chosen on the basis of their significant activities in the field (studies in ethics and medical ethics, publishing record and other activities such as participation in ethical committees).

The following experts have agreed to be members of the Steering Committee:

  1. Prof. François Blanchard, France
  2. Dr Celso Pontes, Portugal
  3. Prof. Cees Hertogh, Netherlands
  4. Dr Iva Holmerová, Czech Republic
  5. Dr Kati Juva, Finland
  6. Prof. Mary Marshall, United Kingdom
  7. Dr Sigurd Sparr, Norway



Last Updated: Wednesday 05 December 2012