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Key facts

2020: Policy briefing on intercultural care and support

  • Estimated increase from 7 to 15 million people over 60 in the EU (2010 to 2015).3
  • Minority ethnic groups account for 9% of the population of Europe.6
  • Predicted to rise dramatically within the next few decades.
  • Sevenfold increase in the prevalence of dementia amongst people from minority ethnic groups in the next 40 years, compared to a two-fold increase amongst the general population.1,7
  • The impairments experienced by people with dementia may result in disability as defined in the United Nations Convention on the Rights of Persons with Disabilities (CRPD).9, 10
  • Estimated 476,500 people over 64 with a migration background and dementia in 2017 in the EU and the EFTA countries.4
  • In 2019, with over 13 million migrants, Germany had the largest foreign-born population of any country in Europe.12
  • 23 out of 35 EU and EFTA countries have a national dementia strategy of which 13 do not refer to migration.8
  • The total cost of dementia care in Europe was EUR 103.3 billion in 2008, of which one third was for informal care.13



Last Updated: Monday 21 September 2020