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Try to understand the issue and seek additional information if needed

2014: Ethical dilemmas faced by carers and people with dementia

Try to identify the key issues related to the ethical dilemma. This might, for example, involve:

  • looking for “the facts” (bearing in mind that people may have different views as to what constitutes the facts),
  • determining what information is lacking and how to obtain it,
  • finding out how different people think and how they feel about the situation (e.g. their concerns, needs, intuitions, worries, hopes and personal interests),
  • reflecting on the dynamics and structure of the situation (e.g. procedures, structures, boundaries and how these fit together) and
  • discussing different possible outcomes (3).

Consult relevant sources of information such as the Nuffield Council on Bioethics report; Dementia and Ethical Issues (5), Alzheimer Europe’s ethics reports on restrictions of freedom and the use of technology (20), and national reports and documents from Alzheimer associations or national ethics committees addressing ethical issues or relating to the problematic situation.



Last Updated: Monday 08 February 2016