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2014: Ethical dilemmas faced by carers and people with dementia

Ethical issues in practice

This report is about the ethical dilemmas sometimes faced by people with dementia and their carers. In addressing ethical dilemmas, we are deliberately focusing on some of the more problematic aspects of living with dementia but with the positive aim of trying to make such issues less of a problem.

We hope that this report will help people with dementia and their carers to make sense of some of the difficulties they may encounter and feel better equipped to tackle them. The report is divided into three parts. The first provides background information about dementia and ethical dilemmas. The second consists of a series and vignettes and commentaries and the third provides details of an ethical framework and some general guidance on how to approach ethical dilemmas.



Last Updated: Monday 18 July 2016


  • Acknowledgements

    This report on ethical dilemmas faced by carers and people with dementia arises from the 2014 Work Plan of Alzheimer Europe, which has received funding from the European Union in the framework of the Health Programme.
  • European Union