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2008: End-of-Life care for people with dementia

Alzheimer  Europe  would  like  to thank the  members of  the  working  group for drafting this document:

  •  Ana Bernardo, Portugal
  •  Mary Cosgrave, Ireland
  •  Dianne Gove (Alzheimer Europe)
  •  Iva Holmerová, Czech Republic
  •  Sabine Jansen, Germany
  •  Birgitta Martensson, Switzerland
  •  Barbara Pointon, United  Kingdom
  •  Sigurd Sparr, Norway (Chairperson of the working  group)
  •  Catalina Tudose, Romania.


Our thanks also go to the following  for commenting on the draft:


  • Jennifer Abbey, Australian Alzheimer Association
  • Lukas Radbruch, European Association for Palliative  Care
  • Elisabeth Reitinger, Palliative  Care and Organisational Ethics/IFF Wien, Austria
  • Alzheimer Europe’s member associations and Board, in particular:
  • Jenny Henderson (Alzheimer Scotland)
  • Annemarie Kesselring (former Board member of Alzheimer Switzerland)
  • António Oliveira Costa and Maria Rosário Zincke dos Reis (Alzheimer Portugal)
  • Charles Scerri (Malta Dementia Society).



Last Updated: Monday 23 April 2012