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Muitohallat (FIN)


Title/name of initiative: 

Muitohallat – Everyday life support for Sámi people with memory related disease and their community

Type of initiative:

Support network 




The aim of the project is to support and promote the overall capacity and vitality of Sámi people with memory related disease. The project promotes the memory patient’s possibilities to live at home as long as possible and supports their close relatives in encountering and supporting the memory patient.

The project aims to find cultural-sensitive forms of work to support the everyday life of Sámi people with memory disease, primarily at home, but the developed models are also useful in service housing.

Information on memory is provided in workshops and in activating group activities and home visits, for which the project is developing cultural-sensitive material.

Which ethnic group(s) are covered?

The Sámi people

Which languages are covered? 

Finnish, Sámi

What is the target audience of the initiative? 

Sámi people with memory related disease and their relatives,

Health and social care professionals


2016 –  2018 

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Last Updated: Wednesday 21 November 2018


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