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Demenz und Migration (DE)

Russian/former Soviet Union

Title/name of initiative: 

Demenz und Migration (DE)

Type of initiative: 

Website: with information and links to resources




On this website, you can find information which may be of interest to people working or interested in topics linked to migration, dementia, cultural awareness and culture-specific issues. In addition, you will find basic information in various languages about dementia for people from minority ethnic groups. This includes explanatory films in different languages.

In the section "Materialien" (materials), there is a list of books, brochures, films and initiatives in German and at the bottom of the web page, there are links to materials in Turkish, Polish and Russian ("Materialien in türkischer Sprache", "Materialien in polnischer Sprache" and "Materialien in russischer Sprache").  

In the section "Beratungsstelle”, there is a list of advice centres for German-speaking people and again, at the bottom on the page, you will find links to a list of advice centres where people can obtain advice in Turkish, Polish, Russian and other languages

Which ethnic group(s) are covered?

Turkish, Russian and Polish

Which languages are covered? 

The website is in German but contains sections with information in Turkish, Russian and Polish

What is the target audience of the initiative?  

Healthcare professionals, people with dementia, carers and the general public


Ongoing (website)

Where or from whom to obtain more information:

Deutsche Alzheimer Gesellschaft e.V. Selbsthilfe Demenz (German Alzheimer Association)

Friedrichstr. 236, D-10969 Berlin-Kreuzberg

Tel: 030 - 259 37 95 0; Fax: 030 - 259 37 95 29




Last Updated: Thursday 22 November 2018


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