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Support for the Bedouin community (ISR)

Roma, traveller and Bedouin communities

Title/name of initiative: 

Support for the Bedouin community 

Type of initiative:

Conference/professional training 




Bedouins are a group of nomadic Arab-Muslim people who have historically inhabited the desert regions in North Africa, the Arabian Peninsula, Iraq and the Levant. Most Bedouins are animal herders who migrate into the desert during the rainy winter season and move back toward the cultivated land in the dry summer months. Bedouin society is tribal and patriarchal, typically composed of extended families that are polygamous. They live mostly in small villages and some small towns and rarely marry someone who is not Bedouin.

EMDA (the Alzheimer’s Association of Israel) recently organised a one-day seminar/conference for professionals working with the Bedouin community in northern Israel. It is also planning programmes for people from Arabic and Bedouin communities in southern Israel and East Jerusalem which will focus on women in those communities who care for relatives with dementia. Details will follow when available.

Which ethnic group(s) are covered?

People with dementia and carers from the Bedouin community

What is the target audience of the initiative?  

Health and social care professionals (soon also female caregivers)



Where or from whom to obtain more information:

The Alzheimer's Association of Israel (EMDA)
Sharet 24
Kefar Saba

Telephone: +972-3-5341274




Last Updated: Thursday 06 May 2021


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