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Culture Dementia UK (UK)

Minority ethnic groups (in general), BAME/BME

Title/name of initiative: 

Culture Dementia UK

Type of initiative: 

Practical initiative/NGO


United Kingdom


Extract taken from website: 

Culture Dementia UK was founded in February 1998. Culture Dementia UK was previously known as Friends of African/Caribbean Carers and Sufferers of Dementia (FACCSD).      

We became a National charity in the same year. We were set up to support carers and people living with of dementia among the African/Caribbean community. We identified the need for such an organisation. After researching we found that there are no other groups in the country that cater specifically for the African/Caribbean Community or the BAME communities.

Which ethnic group(s) are covered?

BAME communities. In the section on home care, British, Caribbean, African, Indian, Irish, Pakistani, Chinese and Eastern European communities are specifically mentioned.

Which languages are covered? 

Information on the website is in English.

What is the target audience of the initiative:

People with dementia and carers 



Where or from whom to obtain more information: 

Culture Dementia UK

Stanmore Business and Innovation Centre

Stanmore Place
Howard Road

Stanmore HA7 1BT



Last Updated: Thursday 22 November 2018


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