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Alzheimer's Society Resources (UK)

Chinese/Cantonese/Mandarin Chinese

Title/name of initiative: 

Alzheimer's Society Resources

Type of initiative:

Internet site


United Kingdom


Translated information, examples of good practice and outreach projects. Including links to an interactive tour of the brain (in Arabic and Chinese).
Link to Dementia Australia website which contains general information about the Rowland Universal Dementia Assessment Scale (RUDAS): “a short cognitive screening instrument designed to minimise the effects of cultural learning and language diversity on the assessment of baseline cognitive performance.” The Dementia Australia web page contains a guide, a link to a DVD and article, and scoring sheets (also in Italian and Chinese). 

Which ethnic groups are covered?

People from BAME communities 

Which languages are covered? 

Mainly English, some information in Arabic, Chinese, Bengali, Hindi, Urdu and Punjabi

What is the target audience of the initiative?  

Professionals working with BAME communities 

Where or from whom to obtain more information:

Alzheimer's Society, United Kingdom 



Last Updated: Sunday 18 November 2018


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