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Database of initiatives for intercultural care and support

In 2018, Alzheimer Europe set up an expert working group to write a comprehensive report aimed at improving the situation of people with dementia, their carers and professional carers from minority ethnic backgrounds through the identification and promotion of intercultural care and support. Intercultural care and support, in the context of this project, is about looking at ways to respect and respond to the cultural diversity of people with dementia, their relatives and friends and of those caring for people with dementia. This requires cultural awareness, cultural sensitivity, cultural competence, willingness and motivation, as well as support from policy makers and funders. The report and details of the experts in the working group can be found at: 

In addition, a database has been developed containing information of potential interest to people with dementia and their supporters (e.g. family, friends and informal carers) from minority ethnic groups, as well as to professional carers, policy makers and all involved in designing, developing and providing intercultural care and support for people with dementia. The identification and sharing of tried and tested initiatives and materials should hopefully provide ideas and a solid basis for the development or improvement of such services and support in Europe, adapting them where necessary, and at the same time help avoid the duplication of efforts. This database is an ongoing repository of information and we would be pleased to hear from you about other initiatives and relevant materials in Europe. 

How to use this repository: Look at the list in the panel on the right for the term which best describes the minority ethnic group for which you would like to find initiatives. In most cases, the terms also reflect a common language spoken by a minority ethnic group or a shared geographical heritage. A couple of terms describe a group of minority ethnic communities (e.g. South Asian), a few are in addition religions and you will also find "live-in (migrant) carers" which is not a minority ethnic group but covers initiatives for people from a wide range of minority ethnic groups. This is a purely pragmatic approach to the organisation of the information. It should be relatively easy to skim through the list to find the information you want. Once you click on a particular term, you will be taken to details of the different initiatives and materials organised according to the target group (either healthcare professionals or people with dementia, carers and the general public).  


Last Updated: Wednesday 08 April 2020


  • Acknowledgements

    This database received funding from the Robert Bosch Stiftung and under an operating grant from the European Union's health programme (2014-2020)
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