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How to get there:

The Hague 2019

Getting to The Hague and World Forum by public transport

The Netherlands is known for its excellent infrastructure. Trains are clean, comfortable and nowadays, most carriages are equipped with Wi-Fi and are very punctual. The NS train station is located directly below the airport terminal building. Take the escalator or lift downstairs and board the train. There is a direct  connection between Amsterdam airport and The Hague. The trip will take about 30 minutes.

This informs you about the steps you need to take in order to travel by public transport to The Hague from the airport and on to the World Forum.

Travelling to The Hague by train

Buying the train ticket

The NS (Dutch Railways) ticket can be purchased at the yellow ticket machine or at the counter located in Schiphol Airport. Please note that cash payment is only accepted at the counters.

In case you will prepare your trip in advance we would advise you to purchase the tickets online or via the NS App.

Please note return ticket is only valid for the return travel on the same day, so you will have to purchase two single tickets to travel to/from The Hague.

IMPORTANT: Please note that there are two train stations in The Hague that offer direct service to Schiphol: The Hague Central Station (Den Haag Centraal) and The Hague HS (Den Haag HS). We would advise you to travel to Central Station as it is the final stop.

Travelling with a disability

Should you require assistance with getting on/off the train or navigating through the train stations, then pleas make sure to pre-book your travel assistance. For booking and more info please follow this link

Train Schedules

From Schiphol you can travel to The Hague Central Station (advisable) or The Hague HS (train direction Dordrecht). The trains to The Hague leave from platform five or six. Please see visit the train planner for exact information:

If you have purchased the ticket at the machine or counter, please note you will have to validate it by holding it in front of one of the yellow NS poles next to the escalator which lead you down to the platform. You need to do this in order to activate the ticket for your ride. Once arriving to The Hague you will also need to check out with the ticket to complete your journey.

Travelling within The Hague to the World Forum

HTM tickets (Tram and bus)

Once arrived in The Hague you can buy tickets for the local transport at a service point on the railway station, a machine in the tram, or with a bus driver. Cash, Credit cards, and most European bankcards are accepted. There are different tickets possible depending on your wishes, from 2 hour tickets to 3 day unlimited access.

Arriving at one of the stations

From The Hague Hollands Spoor to the World Forum – Tram 1

Tram 1 to Scheveningen Noord, runs every 10 minutes. Please check if the line number and direction are correct, since they run in both directions. You need to get out at stop;World Forum.From here it is a 3 minutes’ walk to the World Forum.

Walking route from Tram 1 stop to World Forum

From The Hague Central Station to the World Forum – Tram 16 or Bus 28

Both options run from outside the station building. You can find tram 16 outside at the exit on the Starbucks side. The bus station can be found above the train tracks, the route is indicated by signs. The exact departure times and the platforms can be found on the screens near and above the bus and tram platforms or can be viewed here:

Tram 16

From the Central Station you can take tram 16 to ‘’ Den Haag Statenkwartier’’. Plase check if both the line number and the direction are correct since trams and busses run in both directions. From the stopMuseon/Gemeentemuseumit is only 800 meters walk to the World Forum. 

Walking route from tram stop 16 to World Forum


Bus 28

Another option is bus 28 to ‘’Den Haag Zuiderstrand’’. Please check if both the line number and the direction are correct since lines run in both directions. You need to get out at stopWorld Forum (West).From here, it takes just 3 minutes to get inside the World Forum.

Walking route from bus stop 28 to the World Forum.


Traveling with special needs

Public transport in The Netherlands is accommodating travelers that have special mobility needs, however,  some preparation in advance is required.  

Taking the train

The Dutch railways are very cooperative to people with disabilities. They offer a wide array of services that make traveling easier, from guidelines for people with a visual disability or assistance when embarking the vehicle for wheelchair users. Also if you are in doubt if you need extra assistance, they will be happy to help you during your trip. These services are available on most stations including the route from Schiphol to The Hague Central Station and Hollands Spoor.

In order to see what services they offer for you, their webpage about this topic provides clarity. Booking assistance for your trip is possible online, by creating a personal ‘’mijn NS’’ account, but you can also reach them by phone via +31(0)30235 78 22.

Transport to the World Forum

The trams and busses in The Hague have a few facilities in order to help disabled make their way to their destination more easily. For visually disabled travelers, the information displays in the platforms contain a button which activates a voice providing information about which trams will call at that stop. Furthermore, every vehicle has a automatic announcement system which provides Dutch and English information about the upcoming stops.

The trams which serve the stops around the World Forum have a narrow entry doors and you need to walk some steps in order to get in. When using a walker, the door in the middle is the widest, however, you need to carry you walking device inside. There are seats especially for people with limited mobility, indicated with stickers. Please note that not all trams are wheelchair accessible.

The best option in order to get to the World Forum when traveling in a wheelchair is taking the train to The Hague Central Station, and take bus 28 to ‘’Den Haag Zuiderstrand’’. This bus is custom made to carry wheelchairs. There is a blue button at the middle door to notify the driver you want to get in. He will assist you by setting up a bridge between the platform and the bus. When exiting, the wheelchair area in the bus also has a special stop button to let the driver know you need to get out.

In case of any questions related to taking the bus or tram in The Hague. You can call HTM at +31(0)900-4864636. They can also be contacted via Facebook or Twitter.






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