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Keynote lectures

Detailed programme and abstracts

K1. eHealth as effective support for family caregivers

DE VUGT Marjolein

Maastricht University, Netherlands

Ehealth interventions to support informal caregivers of people with dementia are a relatively new but promising field. It offers opportunities to increase accessibility and tailoring to individual needs in a cost-effective way. Ehealth interventions may be unguided self-help, or so-called blended care, including guidance of a professional. In this presentation different Ehealth interventions for informal caregivers of people with dementia will be discussed. Attention is paid to early as well as later stages of the dementia process, young as well as late onset dementia, development, effects and implementation of the interventions, and future perspectives for research and clinical practice.

K2. Empowerment and wellbeing among people with dementia




Last Updated: Wednesday 03 July 2019