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DIAZ Carlos (Spain)


Mr. Carlos Diaz, University degree in Economy and Business Administration (Extraordinary Award by the Autonomous University of Barcelona, Spain). Financial Manager of 26 European projects (ESPRIT, BRITE-EURAM, and INCO-DC Programmes) at the National Microelectronics Centre (CNM-CSIC) (1994-1998). EU Projects Manager of the Research Group of Biomedical Informatics (Municipal Institute of Medical Research) in Barcelona (1998-2008). CEO of Pharmatools Digital Interactive Services S.L. (2002-2009), a spin-off company based on the results of an FP4 EU project. Managing Director of the Centre for Environmental Epidemiology (CREAL) (2009-2011). Head of the European Projects Coordination Office at IMIM (2009-2012). CEO of Synapse Research Management Partners since 2008. He has wide experience on complex distributed project management, evaluation methods, business planning and knowledge management. Currently coordinating the IMI NEURONET Project, and leading Project Management of other IMI projects, including EPAD, AMYPAD, eTRANSAFE, EHDEN and ERA4TB.



Last Updated: Wednesday 08 July 2020