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P17. Alzheimer Nederland – Technology and ehealth

Detailed programme, abstracts and presentations

RENES Steije1, VAN VUGT Dennis2, BOOTS Lizzy3, VAN OTTERDIJK Robin4           

1TNXTO, Bussum, Netherlands, 2Born05, Utrecht, Netherlands, 3Alzheimer Centre Limburg, Maastricht, Netherlands, 4Proxcellence, Eindhoven, Netherlands

Part of the success of the online platform for caregivers of people with dementia lies in building strategic partnerships with relevant stakeholders. PGGM (pension fund), CZ (health insurance company and KNB (umbrella organization of notaries) were founding partners of the platform and helped both financially and with relevant expertise in the first years. In addition, there are partnerships with Alzheimer Centre Limburg, Trimbos-institute and Nivel which lead to evidence-based development and implementation of innovative applications. More recently, collaboration is started with Monuta (funeral company) and SAP/Proxellence (software and ICT) in sharing expertise and developing a new app. Developing and innovating an online platform like is not business as usual for an organization like Alzheimer Nederland. With the help of a strategic partner (TNXTO) and a creative agency (Born05) we keep on building and expanding our platform. In this session we like to share our experience in partnerships with research institutes and companies in the growth of



Last Updated: Tuesday 10 December 2019