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Imogen Blood (United Kingdom)

United Kingdom

Imogen Blood set up the social research consultancy, Imogen Blood & Associates (IBA) in 2009. IBA is a network of independent researchers with strong links to practice, working to promote inclusion in communities and to influence policy and services.

Over the past year, Imogen has been working in partnership with Innovations in Dementia as part of the EU Joint Action on Dementia to review the evidence on Dementia Friendly Communities. This has involved finding out from people living with dementia what helps and hinders their participation in day-to-day life. She is currently producing a guide (What Works, and Why?) for those involved in Dementia Friendly Communities, for the Alzheimer’s Society in England.

As a researcher, Imogen has interviewed hundreds of older people, many of whom have dementia, over the past seventeen years. This has included people with advanced dementia living in care homes; family members and carers; and many dementia ‘activists’. She has over thirty publications related to ageing, dementia, equality, housing, care and support. Her book for the Joseph Rowntree Foundation, A Better Life – Valuing our Later Years (2012) offers a blueprint for a positive ageing society, told through the stories of older people.

Imogen began her career in social work and frontline supported housing work and is an associate of Research in Practice for Adults, for whom she writes and trains on dementia and enablement, positive risk taking and strengths-based practice with older people. She sits on the expert panel for the EU Ambient Assisted Living programme, which funds research and development projects using technology to enhance independence for older people, including people living with dementia.



Last Updated: Thursday 16 March 2017