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Videos and photo gallery

2016 Copenhagen

In this section, you will find a selection of photos taken at the conference.

As a resource to visitors of the Alzheimer Europe Website, we will also included videos of the keynote presentations at the Alzheimer Europe Conference in Copenhagen.

Videos from the following speakers have been included:

Official opening by

Welcome and introductory comments by

and keynote lecture from:

  • Gunhild Waldemar (Denmark): Improving the quality of health care for people with dementia

Plenary sessions:

Special symposium:

  • Helga Rohra (Germany): Change in dementia: the mother-son relationship
  • Agnes Houston (Scotland, UK): How people with dementia can contribute to/participate in research.
  • Helen Rochford-Brennan (Ireland): How the CRPD can enhance my life living with dementia
  • Craig Ritchie (United Kingdom): The scientific rationale for the changing research definition of Alzheimer’s disease
  • Richard Milne (United Kingdom): Ethical considerations when communicating about Alzheimer’s disease
  • Jean Georges (Luxembourg): The value of knowing: Public perceptions on timely diagnosis and disclosure of risk

Closing ceremony:

  • Sabine Jansen: Welcome to the 27th Alzheimer Europe Conference “Care today, Cure tomorrow” in Berlin, Germany
  • Birgitte Vølund, Chairperson, Alzheimerforeningen
  • Iva Holmerova, Chairperson, Alzheimer Europe



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  • Acknowledgements

    The 26th AE Conference in Copenhagen received funding under an operating grant from the European Union’s Health Programme (2014-2020). Alzheimer Europe and Alzheimerforeningen gratefully acknowledge the support of all conference sponsors.
  • European Union
  • Roche