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Alexander Kurz (Germany)


Alexander Friedrich Kurz, M. D., born 1950, is Professor of Psychiatry and Head of the Centre for Cognitive Disorders at the Department of Psychiatry and Psychotherapy, Klinikum rechts der Isar, Technische Universität München.

Dr. Kurz received his medical degree at Ludwig Maximilians Universität Muenchen. Since 1985 he has been active in the field of geriatric psychiatry as a clinician and researcher. He has a broad range of scientific interests, which include the identification of genetic and non-genetic causes and risk factors of neurodegenerative diseases, the association between education or occupational attainment and cognitive decline in old age, the early identification and differential diagnosis of neurodegenerative disorders using biochemical markers and brain imaging techniques, the clinical and neurobiological correlates of brain reserve capacity, the evaluation of interventions for reducing dementia caregiver burden, the design and evaluation of non-pharmacological treaments for patients with early dementia, including cognitive-behavioural interventions, cognitive rehabilitation, and computer-based cognitive training, the diagnosis and management of uncommon causes of dementia, particularly frontotemporal degeneration.

His group has a research record in genetic polymorphisms associated with Alzheimer’s disease and frontotemporal dementia, CSF biomarkers (tau, beta amyloid), positron emission tomography including amyloid (PIB PET) imaging, and functional magnetic resonance imaging of resting-state and activation-dependent brain activity.

In addition to this research activity, Dr. Kurz has acted as a principal investigator in numerous clinical drug studies in phases II, III and IV in the indications of Alzheimer’s disease, mild cognitive impairment, frontotemporal dementia, and post-operative delirium since 1987. Recently the centre has conducted and is performing clinical trials evaluating potentially disease-modifying treatment strategies in Alzheimer’s disease including amyloid aggregation inhibitors and anti-amyloid immunisation strategies.

Dr. Kurz has authored or co-authored more than 300 peer-reviewed scientific papers and book chapters and is a regular reviewer for international medical journals. He has also contributed to the development of Alzheimer’s Associations on local, national, and international levels and is a board member of Deutsche Alzheimer Gesellschaft.



Last Updated: Monday 11 April 2016