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N1- N2: How to live in a dementia-friendly community?

Detailed programme and abstracts

N1- N2: How to live in a dementia-friendly community? (Tuesday 1 Nov, 14.00 - 17.30)


Dementia Friendly Society has in the recent years become a central concept in national and international strategies and dementia - action plans. As in previous Alzheimer Europe conferences there will be a special program for participants from the host country. The Nordic session is targeted for people with dementia and their families in the form as workshop with the overall theme "Dementia-friendly communities - what we want." The workshop is led by Steen Kabel, Danish journalist. For each working group attends a helper from Norway, Sweden and Denmark acts as moderator.

The purpose of the Nordic workshop is:

• to create a platform where people with dementia and relatives' voices are heard

• to contribute with authentic input in developing a dementia friendly society

• to inspire an increased inclusion of people with dementia

In the two sessions, people with dementia and their relatives from the Nordic countries gives the possibility to express and define dreams, wishes and requirements for a dementia friendly society. The goal for the Nordic Session is to ensure the voices of people with dementia by formulating a declaration - "The Copenhagen declaration - Nordic voices on dementia friendly societies"



Last Updated: Tuesday 20 September 2016