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Florence Pasquier (France)


Florence Pasquier MD, PhD in cognitive psychology, is professor of neurology, and head of the Memory Research and Resources clinic at the University Hospital of Lille, France, which is also the Reference center for patients with early onset dementia.

She graduated from the University of Nantes school of medicine and completed her specialisation in Neurology in Lille, doing internships in Paris Salpêtrière, and Boston Massachusetts General Hospital.

She leads a network of memory clinics in the North of France, and the Regional Network for Care of Demented Patients, which aims to coordinate public and private medical, social, and psychological resources for patients with dementia. She was advisor for the Government programmes on Alzheimer’s disease and member of the steering committee of the 3rd French Alzheimer plan (2008-2012), running measure 18 (accommodations for young demented patients).

Her main domains of interest are 1) early and differential diagnosis of dementia 2) links between vascular and degenerative diseases, and 3) natural history of dementia, with the aim of improving the clinical management of these diseases.
Her group is a member of the European Alzheimer’s disease consortium, of the Laboratory of Excellence DISTALZ (development of innovative strategies for a trans-disciplinary approach to Alzheimer’s disease), and of LICEND the Lille Centre of Excellence for Neurodegenerative Disease (CoEN).



Last Updated: Monday 13 July 2015