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SS1 living well with dementia

Detailed programme, abstracts and presentations

SS1. Living well with dementia


In this symposium, which is organised and run by the members of the European Working Group of People with Dementia (EWGPWD), Rozel, Raoul, Agnes and Nina will share their experience of living well with dementia, assisted by Brian, Milja and Donna. The underlying themes include post-diagnostic support, self-management in dementia, what “dementia friendly” means and close friends and family.

Rozel will be talking about her journey from when she was first diagnosed with Alzheimer’s.  She will talk about things that have happened to her from her own point of view, about some of the times when things did not go as she would have liked and about what having her husband as a carer 24/7 means to her.  

Raoul will share his experience of living with dementia in the form of his own case study. He will explain what kind of post-diagnostic support he has received and the impact this has had on his life.

Agnes will tell you about her exciting work on dementia and sensory challenges. Dementia is more than memory. The sensory challenges are huge and need to be addressed. Come along and hear what Agnes did to cope with these issues.

Finally, Nina will describe the impact that dementia has had on her life. She will explain how the diagnosis of dementia has resulted in a new way of life, that it is necessary to be active and that when you have the support of family and friends, everything is easier. She will emphasise that it is not always easy but that she is still happy.

So come along to what promises to be an informal but lively and moving session involving all the members of the EWGPWD. As each of the four presentations will last about ten minutes, there will be plenty of time for questions and for the exchange of experiences.



Last Updated: Monday 28 September 2015


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