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Dorothee Knauf-Hübel (Luxembourg)


Dr Dorothee Knauf-Hübel; Médecin chef de service, Divison de la Medecine Curative, Directorate of Health, Ministry of Health,  Luxembourg

Born in Bonn/Germany, she undertook her primary and secondary education in Germany.

After a voluntary service in care for the elderly, she undertook professional training in nursing in Siegburg/Germany and qualified as nurse in 1987. Afterwards she worked for several years in central operating theatres and laboratory in Germany.

Between 1989 and 1996 she successfully completed her medical studies at the University of Bonn/Germany, University of Bristol//UK, Centre Hospitalier Luxembourg and at the Bir Hospital, Kathmandu/Nepal with a traineeship in Neurosurgery und Out-patients Department.

Following that, she worked as Medical Doctor in the Department of Internal medicine and as Medical Doctor/clinical research and trials manager in the Hematology/Oncology department at the Centre Hospitalier Luxembourg.

From 1999 to 2008 she specialized and worked as Occupational Health Specialist in the Service de Santé au Travail Multisectoriel Luxembourg with an additional qualification in Environmental medicine in 2002 and PhD in Medicine in 2007. In addition, between 1997 and 2010 she was a teacher for Internal medicine and psychiatry at the Nursing school in Luxembourg and was appointed as member of the national examination board for nursing.

Since October 2008 she has been working for the Luxembourgish Ministry/Directorate of Health. Initially in the Service Action Socio Thérapeutique where she worked on mental health, but since 2013 in the Divison de la Medecine Curative, with responsibility for geriatrics, dementia, palliative care and health professionals. She was decisively involved in finalizing the Luxembourgish action plan on dementia, adopted by the government in march 2013, and works now actively on his implementation.



Last Updated: Tuesday 01 July 2014