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Franka Meiland


Dr. Franka Meiland is a health psychologist who received her degree from the University of Amsterdam in 1989 and her PhD in 2002. She is senior researcher and lecturer at the department of Psychiatry, the department of General practise and Elderly care medicine, and the EMGO institute for health and care research of the VU University Medical Center in Amsterdam (NL), and she is coordinator Knowledge transfer of the Amsterdam Center on Aging (VUmc-VU). Her research topics include development, evaluation and implementation of psychosocial and ICT interventions in dementia. She worked/works on several ICT projects: the development and evaluation of the DEM-DISC, the Information desk Effective care and treatment in dementia, and the European COGKNOW, ROSETTA, and STAR projects. She is an active member of the European Interdem group and is co-leader of their taskforce on Assistive Technology in dementia.



Last Updated: Tuesday 25 June 2013