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SS1. “Nothing about us without us”

Detailed programme, abstracts and presentations

SS1. “Nothing about us without us”, the European Working Group of People with Dementia

Aavik Stig-Atle, Baláčková Nina, Frognet Jean-Pierre, Grönkvist Raoul, Houston Agnes, Pousard Ingegärd, Rohra Helga, Slevin Dermod, Snell Rozel, Spanja Bojan, Wallace Daphne

The group currently consists of 11 people with dementia from 11 different national associations: Jean-Pierre Frognet from Belgium, Nina Baláčková from the Czech Republic, Raoul Grönkvist from Finland, Helga Rohra from Germany, Dermod Slevin from Ireland, Rozel Snell from Jersey, Stig-Atle Aavik from Norway, Bojan Spanja from Slovenia, Ingegärd Pousard from Sweden and Agnes Houston and Daphne Wallace from the United Kingdom (Alzheimer Scotland and Alzheimer’s Society respectively). The group operates independently, with its own Board and agenda of activities. The Chairperson of the EWGPWD also sits on the Board of Alzheimer Europe. This symposium, developed and moderated by the members of the group, will highlight some of the key achievements of the group since its creation and present interesting initiatives involving people with dementia on a national level.

Agnes Houston will introduce the session by presenting the pioneering work of the Scottish Dementia Working Group and its influence and inspiration on the creation of the European Working Group. Jean-Pierre Frognet, Dermod Slevin and Raoul Grönkvist will present the successful initiatives that have been launched in Belgium, Ireland and Finland to involve people with dementia whilst Stig-Atle Aavik will provide a personal testimony on the impact of his involvement in the European Working Group. Helga Rohra, the EWGPWD Chairperson, will look back on the first year of the group’s existence and present ideas for future activities and priorities. This symposium will highlight how the important motto of “Nothing about us without us” continues to influence the activities and projects of Alzheimer Europe and its national member organisations.






Last Updated: Tuesday 05 November 2013


  • Acknowledgements

    The 23rd Alzheimer Europe Conference in St. Julian's, Malta received funding from the European Union, in the framework of the Health Programme. Alzheimer Europe and the Malta Dementia Society gratefully acknowledge the additional support provided by foundations and companies.
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