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Armelle Leperre-Desplanques


Armelle Leperre-Desplanques, MD (1992), PhD (1995), is the Head of the Department of Pilot Programmes on Clinical Impact at the French National Authority for Health. Since 2004, she has managed a pluridisciplinary team of health professionals charged with the conception, coordination and development of innovative programs on public health issues for the improvement of quality, safety and outcomes. She has been working on stroke and other cardiovascular pathways as well as geriatrics pathways. Several of the projects she has piloted have been focused specifically on the aged, the multiple conditions, and those diagnosed with Alzheimer’s disease. Since April 2011, Armelle Leperre-Desplanques is leading the European Joint Action ALCOVE Alzheimer COoperative Valuation in Europe, an intergovernmental network of 19 European countries and 30 partners.



Last Updated: Monday 23 April 2012