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WS1. Agnes & Nancy: A short form about two friendly campaigners

Detailed Programme, abstracts and presentations

WS1. Agnes & Nancy: A short form about two friendly campaigners (Friday, 5 October, 13.00-14.00, Europa 2)

Ruth Bartlett, Caroline Hick, Agnes Houston, Nancy McAdam

The film Agnes & Nancy captures the friendship that has grown between two women with dementia, who have got to know each other through the Scottish Dementia Working Group – a campaign group set up and run by people with dementia. Agnes and Nancy both have dementia and live relatively independent lives. The film gently unfolds as Agnes journeys to Nancy’s home in rural Scotland for the first time, and ends with Agnes back at home again, reflecting on her ‘journey to the new Agnes’. The film touches on many poignant issues, including what it means to be an active citizen with dementia, well-being, and end of life.  

The film has been screened at the British Science Festival, Scottish Mental Health Arts Film, UK National Dementia Care Congress, and at the 2011 International Documentary Film Festival in Amsterdam.

The film has been widely acclaimed; this is what one viewer said:

'it was very impressive. It was wonderful to see two women just getting on with things and adapting to their situation. It was good to see the film focus on their significant capacities. Hearing [Agnes and Nancy] chat away so naturally and openly was a treat. I loved how the film did not patronise them at all, and didn't indulge in sentimentality'

You can watch a short trailer of Agnes & Nancy from the filmmaker - Anne Milne’s - website

We believe the film would be of great interest to all delegates, as it beautifully illustrates the conference theme about changing perceptions. We therefore respectfully request that it is screened as part of a plenary, or during a special lunchtime slot, rather than in a streamed session. The film is 23 minutes long and can be shown with English subtitles.

Finally, the film is funded by the UK Economic and Social Research Council,  commissioned by Dr Ruth Bartlett (Senior Lecturer, University of Southampton) - and Ms Caroline Hick (Fellow in Visual Arts, University of Bradford); directed by award winning documentary filmmaker Ms Anne Milne, and inspired by original research on dementia activism undertaken by Dr Ruth Bartlett (2008-2010).



Last Updated: Thursday 13 September 2012