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PL1. Changing policy

Detailed Programme, abstracts and presentations

PL1. Changing policy (Friday, 5 October, 09.00–10.00, Europa 4)

PL1. National strategies and European collaboration on dementia

Alistair Burns, Enda Connolly, Teresa di Fiandra, Michael Hübel, Angelika Werthmann, Andreas Winkler

In the 2006 Paris Declaration, Alzheimer Europe and its national member organisations called upon national governments to ‘recognise Alzheimer’s disease as a major public health challenge and develop […] national actions programmes’.

Since the adoption of the Paris Declaration, Alzheimer plans or dementia strategies have been developed in Belgium, Denmark, Finland, France, Netherlands, Norway, Sweden and the United Kingdom, and other governments are in the process of following suit.

In this round-table discussion, we will have the opportunity to contrast the approaches taken, or envisaged, in Austria, England, Ireland and Italy and to discuss how actions can, and should, be coordinated at a European level through initiatives such as the EU Joint Programming initiative on Neurodegenerative Disease Research.

The discussion will be moderated by Andreas Winkler with the participation of:

  • Alistair Burns, National Clinical Director for Dementia in England
  • Enda Connolly, Chief Executive of the Health Research Board in Ireland and Member of the Executive Board of the EU Joint Programming initiative on Neurodegenerative Disease Research
  • Teresa di Fiandra, Chief Psychologist of the National Health Service in Italy and currently working in the General Directorate for Health Prevention at the Ministry of Health
  • Michael Hübel, Head of Unit for Health determinants, DG Health and Consumers, European Commission



Last Updated: Wednesday 26 September 2012