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SS4. Research advances from the IMI PharmaCog project

Detailed Programme, abstracts and presentations

Jill Richardson, Alexandra Auffret, Fabienne Aujard, David Bartres-Faz, Régis Bordet, Giovanni Frisoni, Mike O’Neill, Esther Schenker

Despite the increase in translational medicine activities in recent years, there is a lack of agreement regarding the predictive value of behavioural, neuroimaging, and electrophysiological markers to be used for Alzheimer’s disease drug discovery. Consequently, the number of successful new drugs reaching patients is still very low. The launch of the five-year €20M PharmaCog project funded under the Innovative Medicine Initiative marks the beginning of the most ambitious European project aimed at improving the success rate in AD drug discovery. This important project brings together leading scientists from 30 organisations comprising public institutions, corporate partners as well as the patients’ association Alzheimer Europe. PharmaCog will also work closely with the European Medicines Agency (EMA), as an associated partner of this project, to share project progress and discuss the implications for drug development in Europe. This is a truly unique opportunity bringing together world leaders with a diverse range of expertise to work together to improve our ability to assess the potential clinical value of a new drug candidate. It is anticipated that such a concerted effort will halt the progression of in effective compounds much earlier and accelerate the development of promising new medicines for AD.

In this session you will hear more about the scientific approach being taken by PharmaCog investigators, and the latest research data generated from the project. In addition, we will explain how this initiative differs from other ongoing research activities and how the project will provide direct benefit to Alzheimer’s disease patients in Europe.

This special symposium is organised by the PharmaCog Consortium.



Last Updated: Friday 02 September 2011


  • Acknowledgements

    Alzheimer Europe gratefully acknowledges the support of the following sponsors: Fondation Médéric Alzheimer, Fondation Roi Baudouin, Janssen, Lilly, Pfizer, Sanofi and SCA Global Hygiene
  • Fondation Médéric Alzheimer
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