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2009 Brussels

Thursday, 28 May 2009

18.00-18.20 (Room A-B): Opening Ceremony

Welcome by

  • Henry Sabine and Jan Hertecant, Chairperson and Vice-Chairperson of Ligue Nationale Alzheimer Liga (Belgium)
  • Maurice O’Connell, Chairperson of Alzheimer Europe (Ireland)
  • Laurette Onkelinx, Vice-Prime Minister and Minister for Social Affairs and Public Health (Belgium)
  • Marie-Dominique Simonet, Minister of Higher Education and Scientific Research and International Relations of the French Community (Belgium)
  • Emir Kir, Minister for Social Policy and Family Affairs for Brussels (Belgium)
  • Isabella Paul, representative of Didier Donfut, Minister for Social Affairs, Health and Equal Opportunities for Wallonia(Belgium)

18.20-18.40 (Room A-B):

  • Laurette Onkelinx, Vice-Prime Minister and Minister for Social Affairs and Public Health (Belgium): Belgian initiatives in the field of dementia

18.40-19.00 (Room A-B):

  • European Commission (tbc): The commitment of the European Union to the fight against Alzheimer’s disease

Friday, 29 May 2009

09.00-10.30 (Room A-B) Symposium S1: Improving the quality of life of people with dementia and their carers

Chairperson: Greet Pernet (Belgium)

  • Excerpts from DVD “Een steen in je hand” – Talking about dementia
  • S1.1. Marleen Declercq and Marina Thijssens (Belgium): The experience of people with dementia and their views on quality of life
  • S1.2. Sigurd Sparr (Norway): Alzheimer Europe recommendations for quality care at the end of life
  • S1.3. Michel Ylieff (Belgium): Assessment of quality of life in dementia: Problems, methods and results

11.00-12.00 (Room A-B) Parallel Session P1: Education and training

Chairperson: Pascale Pensis (Belgium)

  • P1.1. Mary Aldridge (United Kingdom): “Caring for people living away from home”: collaborative working between NHS mental health services and social care
  • P1.2. Arnfinn Eek (Norway): A method for improving professional knowledge in the community health services
  • P1.3. Germain Weber (Austria): CARERS: Education and training for informal carers
  • P1.4. Kevin Charras (France): Impact of environmental changes and training on professional caregiver practices
  • P1.5. Judith Farmer (United Kingdom): Role play, experiential learning and dementia care practice: a preliminary study using a grounded theory approach

11.00-12.00 (Room C) Parallel Session P2: Outreach Programmes

Chairperson: Alicja Sadowska (Poland)

  • P2.1. Christian Gilles (Belgium): ARDEM: towards multidisciplinary integrated care to patients with dementia in south-Belgium rural area
  • P2.2. Martin Sewell (United Kingdom): Dementia care in the highlands of Scotland
  • P2.3. Nienke van Wezel (Netherlands): Weten over Vergeten: dementia education for Turkish, Moroccan and Surinamese people
  • P2.4. Alison Bowes (United Kingdom): Information provision for people with dementia and their carers: lessons of some Scottish research
  • P2.5. Thilo Kroll (United Kingdom): Homelessness and dementia: Addressing complex service needs and trajectories

11.00-12.00 (Room D) Parallel Session P3: Dementia policies

Chairperson: Annette Dumas (Belgium)

  • P3.1. Ursula Naue (Austria): Dementia, disabling conditions, society and political priorities Lessons learned from the disability movement
  • P3.2. Maija Juva (Norway): From National Dementia Plan to local reality
  • P3.3. Marc Wortmann (United Kingdom): The role of Alzheimer associations in campaigning for change
  • P3.4. Katalin Ersek (Hungary): Epidemiology and disease burden of dementia in Hungary
  • P3.5. Paul Ariel Kenigsberg (France): The changing economic environment of Alzheimer’s disease in France

11.00-12.00 (Room E) Parallel Session P4: Informal workshop for people with dementia

Moderator: Maurice O’Connell (Ireland)

11.00-12.00 (Room F) Parallel Session P5: Samen dementie draagbaar maken

Chairperson: Jan Hertecant (Belgium)

  • Nele Van Schelvergem (Belgium) and Jan Barbe (Belgium)

13.00-14.00 (Room A-B) Company Sponsored Symposium CS1

  • Jan De Lepeleire (Belgium): The role of General Practioners in a timely diagnosis of dementia in Europe.
  • Birgitte Schoenmakers (Belgium): The positive impact of an intense follow-up of patients with Alzheimer’s’ disease on the caregivers’ burden: First results of a randomized study
  • Sabine Henry and Jan Hertecant (Belgium): Benefits of an early management of Alzheimer’s’ disease: The patient associations’ perspective: sharing best practices

13.00-14.00 (Room C) Oral poster presentations OP

Chairperson: Philip Bentley (Belgium)

  • OP1. Angelina Sartenaer (Belgium): An innovative respite and support service in the home of the natural caregiver of a family member suffering from Alzheimer’s disease
  • OP2. Giancarlo Savorani (Italy): Can memofilm be used to improve quality of life in dementia? Preliminary report
  • OP3. Carine Sachem (Belgium): The COTESS: Cognitive TESting device for Seniors
  • OP4. Patrick Verhaest (Belgium): The project: how to collaborate with local police services, hospitals and home and residential care services
  • OP5. Henriëtte van der Roest (Netherlands): User evaluation of the DEM-DISC
  • OP6. Luiza Spiru (Romania): Cutting-edge insights in ageing-related brain pathology prevention
  • OP7. Gayle Booth (United Kingdom): Thinking about the environment: An exploratory study of pictorial signage and way finding
  • OP8. Aud Johanessen (Norway): Volunteers in dementia care
  • OP9. Claire Meire (Belgium): With the courage of a discoverer – A professionally-led support group for people with non-reversible memory deficits
  • OP10. Stefan Kleinstueck (Germany): Successful implementation of assisting networks using the example of innovative practical projects of the “Dementia Service Centre for Cologne and the Southern Rhine area”
  • OP11. Anne Margriet Pot (Netherlands): Mastery over dementia: Online counselling for family caregivers of people with dementia

14.00-15.30 (Room A-B) Parallel Session P6: Carers of people with dementia

Chairperson: Pierre Rocmans (Belgium)

  • P6.1. Loretto Lacey (Ireland): Increasing patient dependence on others is associated with increased caregiver subjective burden
  • P6.2. Sandra van Beek (Netherlands): Informal caregivers of patients with dementia experienced problems and needs for professional help
  • P6.3. Bente Nordtug (Norway): Social support of cohabitants having partners suffering from dementia or chronic pulmonary disease
  • P6.4. Christopher Kofahl (Germany): Differences between family caregivers of dependent old people with dementia and old people without cognitive impairment in six European countries
  • P6.5. Paraskevi Sakka (Greece): Alzheimer patients’ caregivers survey in Greece
  • P6.6. Andrea Radvanszky (Switzerland): “Work and care”: To arrange employment and care of dementia patients. The privatisation of a social problem

14.00-15.30 (Room C) Parallel Session P7: Scales and care measures

Chairperson: Maria McManus (United Kingdom)

  • P7.1. Laurent Lefebvre (Belgium): Improving quality of life for Alzheimer’s patients by using their preserved language abilities
  • P7.2. Martin Dichter (Germany): Measuring psycho-social aspects of people suffering from dementia in nursing homes with quality of life (QoL) instruments
  • P7.3. Ramona Lucas-Carrasco (Spain): Psychometric properties of the WHOQOL-BREF in patients with dementia
  • P7.4. Roland Wetzels (Netherlands): Validity of the severe impairment battery short version
  • P7.5. Julien Ochs (France): Pilot study of the functional behaviour profile (FBO): An assessment tool for identifying productive behaviour in daily life
  • P.7.6. Greet Leysens (Netherlands): Development of an electronic observational pain scale

14.00-15.30 (Room D) Parallel Session P8: Involving people with dementia

Chairperson: Marie-Jo Guisset (France)

  • P8.1. Elizabeth Byrne McCullough (United Kingdom): “Listening Well”: Ensuring effective involvement of people with dementia in the development of government strategy
  • P8.2. Angela van Baalen (Netherlands): Client-centred care for people with dementia
  • P8.3. Federico Palermiti (France): Participation of people with dementia in social and psychosocial research (MADERE Study)
  • P8.4. Claire Louise Craig (United Kingdom): Journeying through dementia: developing a self-management programme for people with dementia: A UK study
  • P8.5. Barbara Romero (Germany): Self-maintenance therapy in family rehabilitation programme
  • P8.6. Anja Declercq (Belgium): Improving the quality of life of persons suffering from dementia

14.00-15.30 (Room E) Parallel Session P9: Dementia diagnosis and treatment

Chairperson: Charles Scerri (Malta)

  • P9.1. Jan de Lepeleire (Belgium): Care diagnosis: Improving the quality of primary care for people with dementia
  • P9.2. Hendrik van den Bussche (Germany): Improving the collaboration between family physicians and community nurses in dementia care
  • P9.3. Michael Schuerch (Belgium): The Liaison Dementia Project
  • P9.4. Louise Lakey (United Kingdom): The prescription of anti-psychotic drugs to people with dementia in care homes
    • P9.5. Barbara Cramer (Germany): Cognitive-behavioural, resource-sensitive treatment for early dementia in Alzheimer’s disease (CORDIAL)
    • P9.6. Pasquale Calabrese (Switzerland): The 4 W of cognitive evaluation in dementia – why, whom, when and how

14.00-15.30 (Room F) Parallel session P10: Renforcer l’aide à l’aidant

Présidence: Michel Ylieff (Belgique)

  • Sabine Henry (Belgique): Alzheimer Café ou comment favoriser la convivialité ? Rencontre conviviale entre les patients et leurs proches
  • Ana Aguirre (Belgique): Le projet de répit aux aidants
  • Judith Mollard (France): Les aidants en tant qu’experts: évaluation des difficultés, des stratégies d’ajustement et de la satisfaction dans un échantillon français d’aidants
  • Sylvie Loneux (Belgique): « Cercle de soins »: formation pour les proches de personnes AD
  • Sandrine Boyals (Belgique): Hestia, un partenaire à domiciles

16.00-17.30 (Room A-B) Symposium S2: Legal and ethical issues in dementia

Chairperson: Alan Jacques (United Kingdom)

  • S2.1. Philip Bentley (Belgium): Legal problems experienced by people with dementia and their carers in Belgium
  • S2.2. Blankman Kees (Netherlands): The Council of Europe recommendations on proxy decision making and advanced planning
  • S2.3. Katona Cornelius (United Kingdom): WPA Consensus Conference on Ethics and Capacity in older people with mental illness

Saturday, 30 May 2009

09.00-10.30 (Room A-B) Symposium S3: The European Collaboration on Dementia

Chairperson: Antoni Montserrat (European Commission, Luxembourg)

  • Reynish Emma (United Kingdom): The prevalence of dementia in Europe
  • Frölich Lutz (Germany): Is Alzheimer’s disease preventable?
  • McShane Rupert (United Kingdom): The diagnosis and treatment of dementia
  • Vernooij-Dassen Myrra (Netherlands): Psycho-social interventions in dementia
  • Wimo Anders (Sweden): The cost of dementia in Europe
  • Gove Dianne (Luxembourg): Social support for people with dementia and their carers

11.00-12.30 (Room A-B) Parallel Session P11: Assistance and support (Institutional care)

Chairperson: Greet Pernet (Belgium)

  • P11.1. Clive Baldwin (United Kingdom): A pluralist evaluation of memory services: Perspectives from people with memory problems, their families and memory service staff
  • P11.2. Maria McManus (United Kingdom): Making meaningful activities happen in care settings
  • P11.3. Hein van Hout (Netherlands): Needs of persons with and without dementia in residential homes
  • P11.4. Sabine Jansen (Germany): People with dementia in hospitals
  • P11.5. Margarete Halek (Germany): Interdisciplinary implementation of quality instruments for the care for people with dementia in nursing homes
  • P11.6. Jean Szilagyi (USA): Explaining American standards of care in geriatric settings

11.00-12.30 (Room C) Parallel Session P12: National experiences

Chairperson: Birgitta Martensson (Switzerland)

  • P12.1. Satu Kalliomaa (Finland): The image of dementia work in Finland
  • P12.2. Peter Koson (Slovakia): Centre Memory – Complex assistance and care for Alzheimer’s disease patients and their relatives in Slovakia
  • P12.3. Anthea Innes (United Kingdom): Experiences of people with dementia and their carers in Malta
  • P12.4. Bénédicte Gombault (Belgium): Dealing with Alzheimer’s disease and related diseases: a transdisciplinary initiative of the King Baudouin Foundation
  • P12.5. Brittany Ellis (United Kingdom): A Strategic Plan for dementia care in Fife, Scotland
  • P12.6. António Oliveira Costa (Portugal): Lobbying for change – the experience of Alzheimer Portugal

11.00-12.30 (Room D) Parallel Session P13: Ethical and legal issues

Chairperson: Maria do Rosario Zincke dos Reis (Portugal)

  • P13.1. James Pearson (United Kingdom): The legal rights of people with dementia in health and social care
  • P13.2. Jan Killeen (United Kingdom): Dementia: autonomy and decision making – principles into practice
  • P13.3. David Findlay (United Kingdom): Welfare Guardianship and hospital discharge in Scotland
  • P13.4. Alistair Niemeijer (Netherlands): Disabling or enabling technology? Ethical and practical concerns of assistive and surveillance technologies in formal dementia care
  • P13.5. Hannele Laaksonen (Finland): Patient violent behaviour as ethical problem
  • P13.6. Michael Schmieder (Switzerland): Sexual questions for people with dementia

11.00-12.30 (Room E) P14 Parallel Session P14: Demenz besser kennen und besser leben

Vorsitzende: Sabine Henry (Belgien)

  • Stefan Kleinstück (Deutschland): Hilfestrukturen am Beispiel innovativer Praxisobjekte des Servicezentrums für die Region Köln und das südliche Rheinland
  • Annemie Ernst Kessler (Belgien): DEKO - Konzept zur Pflege von Personen im Krankenhaus die an Demenz erkrankt sind
  • Bärbel Schönhof (Deutschland): Demenz und Betreuungsrecht
  • Sabine Henry (Belgien): Demenz-Selbsthilfe im Krankenhaus

11.00-12.30 (Room F) P15 Parallel Session P15: “Spelen” met dementie

  • Workshop moderated by Jan Hertecant (Belgium)

14.00-15.30 (Room A-B) Parallel Session P16: Assistance and support (Home and respite care)

Chairperson: Anja Declercq (Belgium)

  • P16.1. Magda Tsolaki (Greece): Team of care at home in severe dementia
  • P16.2. Marion Villez (France): Evolution of the concept of respite and respite care services: an international perspective
  • P16.3. Laëtitia Ngatcha-Ribert (France): Respite care services for people with Alzheimer’s disease and their carers: a socio-political review
  • P16.4. Bérengère Davin (France): Economic valuation of formal and informal care in French disabled elderly living at home
  • P16.5. Julie Meerveld (Netherlands): Purchasing integrated dementia care
  • P16.6 Yolande Pijnenburg (Netherlands): Frontotemporal dementia in the Netherlands

14.00-15.30 (Room C) Parallel Session P17: New technologies

Chairperson: Heike von Lützau-Hohlbein (Germany)

  • P17.1. Colm Cunningham (United Kingdom): Developing a dementia design audit
  • P17.2. Franka Meiland (Netherlands): Electronic assistance for community dwelling people with dementia: user-driven development of a cognitive prosthetic device
  • P17.3. Inger Hagen (Norway): Can technology support the quality of life of people with dementia?
  • P17.4. Signe Baksaas Gjelstad (Norway): Web-based tertiary education for health care professionals working within the dementia care and geriatric psychiatry fields
  • P17.5. Ilkka Winblad (Finland): From passivating to activating technology
  • P17.6. Ileana Turcu (Romania): The development of assistive technology (AT) for cognitively impaired persons. A European attempt

14.00-15.30 (Room D) Parallel Session P18: End-of-life, palliative care and advance directives

Chairperson: Dianne Gove (Luxembourg)

  • P18.1. Karen Harrison Dening (United Kingdom): Assessment of the palliative care needs of patients with advanced dementia in Haringey
  • P18.2. Jennifer Henderson (United Kingdom): The “Beyond Barriers” project
  • P18.3. Kay de Vries (United Kingdom): Development of a hospice based education programme for health care professionals focusing on end-of-life care for people with dementia
  • P18.4. Marike de Boer (Netherlands): Advanced euthanasia directives in dementia: why are they not effective?
  • P18.5. Kees Blankman (Netherlands): Planning for future incapacity by continuing powers of attorney

14.00-15.30 (Room E) Parallel Session P19: Young people with dementia and young carers

Chairperson: Claire Maire (Belgium)

  • P19.1. Louise McCabe (United Kingdom): Alcohol, ageing and dementia: a Scottish perspective
  • P19.2. Elisabeth Philipp-Metzen (Germany): Familial solidarity and the willingness to care in future: The point of view of grandchildren of people with dementia
  • P19.3. Kjersti Wogn-Henriksen (Norway): Self-understanding and dementia
  • P19.4. Els Steeman (Netherlands): “My grandmother has dementia”: lived experience and information needs of adolescents whose grandparent has dementia
  • P19.5. Deliane van Vliet (Netherlands): The NeedYD study: How do caregivers of patients with young onset dementia perceive the period prior to diagnosis?
  • P19.6. Florence Pasquier (France): Project of a national reference centre for patient with early onset Alzheimer’s disease

14.00-15.30 (Room F) P20 Parallel Session P20: Le domicile au coeur des réseaux

Présidence: Sabine Henry (Belgique)

  • Véronique Van Espen (Belgique): Télé-Accueil: synergie pour une écoute empathique
  • Sylvie Loneux (Belgique): Les référents-démence ou un réseau de professionnels au service des personnes touchées par la Maladie d’Alzheimer
  • Claudine Grandjean (Belgique): Le groupe ACTIONS ARDEM, le réseau au cœur de la ruralité
  • Lydia Lassaux (Belgique): Vers un éclairage des aides à domicile en région bruxelloise
  • Sophie Donneaux (France): Meotis, réseau régional de la mémoire Nord-Pas-de-Calais

16.00-17.15 (Room A-B) Symposium S4: Prioritising dementia

Moderator: Magda Aelvoet (Belgium)

  • Peter Ashley (United Kingdom)
  • Jacques Brotchi (Belgium)
  • Teresa di Fiandra (Italy)
  • Nick Fahy (European Commission)
  • Joël Ménard (France)
  • Mike Splaine (USA)

17.15-17.30 (Room A-B) Closing Ceremony

  • Sabine Henry & Jan Hertecant (Belgium)
  • Welcome to the 20th Alzheimer Europe Conference in Luxembourg
  • O’Connell Maurice (Ireland)



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