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Ylieff Michel


Michel Ylieff is psychologist (University of Liège, 1967). During 36 years (1972-2008), he worked in a psychogeriatric department (Pèrî hospital, Liège) with in-patients suffering from Alzheimer’s disease or related disorders. He first performed clinical researches on assessment and rehabilitation of deficits in self-washing, dressing and orientation in familiar space. These researches were the main topic of his doctoral thesis in psychology. He was then interested in the differential diagnosis of cognitive disorders of old people (Dementia, Delirium, Depression) then in the treatment of behavioural and psychological disturbances (BPSD) in the Alzheimer’s disease. Since 1990, he collaborates regularly with the Alzheimer League. He leaded, with Mrs Sabine Henry, groups of psychological support for the relatives and participated in the development of a 10 days training programme for the formal caregivers (Accordé).

Since 1997, Michel Ylieff is professor in University of Liege and teaches the gerontological psychology. He is manager of the Clinical Psychology Unit of Ageing and of the research project Qualidem-ULg (with O. Fontaine). In collaboration with the professors F. Buntinx and J. De Lepeleire (Qualidem-KULeuven), Qualidem performed an important research financed by Belgium’s National Institute for Health and Disability Insurance (Dementia Study UB/ 1240, 1999-2005). Results made the subject of many national and international publications relating to diagnostic methods, care and their financing, quality of life, behavioural disturbances, objective and subjective burden of the family caregivers.



Last Updated: Thursday 06 August 2009