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Plenary session - The European Collaboration on Dementia

Abstracts and presentations

Antoni Montserrat, European Commission, Luxembourg,
Emma Reynish, University of Edinburgh, United Kingdom,
Lutz Frölich, Central Institute for Mental Health, Germany,
Rupert McShane, University of Oxford, United Kingdom,
Myrra Vernooij-Dassen, UMC St. Radboud, Netherlands,
Anders Wimo, Karolinska Institutet, Sweden,
Dianne Gove, Alzheimer Europe, Luxembourg,

In January 2006, Alzheimer Europe started work on its European Collaboration on Dementia (EuroCoDe) project, a 3-year EC-funded project designed to develop a network of all players active in the field of dementia and through that network to develop consensual indicators on a number of important issues. These indicators will contribute towards developing synergies and further developing dialogue and cooperation between researchers, policy makers and other key actors in the field of dementia. Work on EuroCoDe was carried out by 36 researchers coming from 20 different countries, some of whom were also members of established pan-European associations. The results of the EuroCoDe project are now ready and will be launched in this symposium.

Emma Reynish will start by presenting a critical analysis of the results of existing epidemiological studies which seem to suggest that current data under-estimates the prevalence of dementia in the over 85 age group. Lutz Frölich will then present the results of the working group on risk and prevention which are summarised in a comparative report and which highlight some promising possibilities for the development of prevention strategies. Rupert McShane will present the consensual guideline on diagnosis and treatment which is based on 39 national and European-wide guidelines identified through the project. This will be followed by Myrra Vernooy-Dassen’s presentation of her group’s work which consisted of a comparison of various relevant studies of non-pharmacological interventions which led to the drafting of consensual guidelines on this issue, as well as quality indicators for psycho-social interventions. The results of the socio-economic work group will be presented by Anders Wimo. His group examined and compared existing studies of socio-economic costs which led to an estimate of the cost of dementia in Europe combining the cost of both formal and informal care. Finally, Dianne Gove will provide an overview of the results of the inventory of social support systems in Europe and highlight some of the main recommendations formulated by the working group based on the results of the survey.



Last Updated: Wednesday 21 October 2009