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14-17 April

BNA2019 - Festival of Neuroscience,

Dublin, Ireland

15 April

Scottish Dementia Research Consortium Annual Conference,

Glasgow, UK

5-8 May

Understanding and Targeting Alzheimer's disease,

Copenhagen, Denmark

15-18 May

World Psychiatric Association and Psychiatric Association of Macedonia Thematic Congress,

Ohrid, Former Yugoslav Republic of Macedonia

20-21 May

8th European Conference on Clinical Neuroimaging,

Brussels, Belgium

21-22 May

Alzheimer’s Society (UK) Annual Conference 2019,

London, UK

3 June

Alzheimer Scotland Annual Conference: Prevent Now. Care Today. Cure Tomorrow,

Edinburgh, UK

8-9 June

International Forum on Women’s Brain and Mental Health: the gateway to Precision Medicine,

Zurich, Switzerland

29 June-2 July

5th Congress of the European Academy of Neurology (EAN),

Oslo, Norway

1-4 July

Royal College of Psychiatrists’ International Conference,

London, UK

14-18 July

Alzheimer’s Association International Conference,

LosAngeles, USA

28-30 August

Conference on meaningful relations in agingand dying,

Helsinki, Finland

19-20 September

International MinD Conference 2019,

Dresden, Germany

22-25 October

29th Alzheimer Europe Conference "Making valuable connections”,

The Hague, Netherlands

5-7 November

14th UK Dementia Congress,

Doncaster, UK

4-7 December

Clinical Trials in Alzheimer’s Disease,

San Diego, USA

19-21 March 2020

34th International Conference of ADI "Hope in the age of dementia",



Last Updated: Friday 19 April 2019