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P28. ROADMAP: Real-world data availability across Europe: What data are present, missing and heterogeneity of data collected

Detailed programme, abstracts and presentations


1 SYNAPSE Research Management Partners S. L., Madrid, Spain, 2Erasmus Universitair Medish Centrum Rotterdam, Rotterdam, Netherlands

Background: ROADMAP addresses the challenge of how to best inform clinical and health-policy decisions by studying how to build a population-based integrated data environment and enabling its visualization.

Method: ROADMAP has addressed the challenges of defining AD-relevant real-world outcomes based on literature reviews and consultation with experts and stakeholders. It then has surveyed a variety of data sources across Europe to find out the degree to which such real-world outcomes are captured.

Results: A Data Cube has been developed and offers a ‘landscape’ on data availability in Europe. This 3D ‘heat map’ assessment allows the visualization of the different data sources and how they are able to capture the different AD-outcomes, together with their relevance for the different disease stages.

Conclusion: Enabling the visualization of the AD-related data availability in different types of European data sources and the intrinsic gaps has proven to be a powerful tool for the design, planning and validation of the models and strategies used to guide future recommendations to enhance AD research.



Last Updated: Wednesday 14 November 2018


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    The 28th AE Conference in Barcelona received funding under an operating grant from the European Union’s Health Programme (2014-2020). Alzheimer Europe, CEAFA and Fundación Alzheimer España gratefully acknowledge the support of all conference sponsors.
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