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Cindy BIRCK (Project Officer)

Cindy joined Alzheimer Europe on 2 January 2017 as a Project Officer. After completing a master’s degree in cellular and molecular biology in France, Cindy started her PhD at the University of Luxembourg. Her thesis was focused on the major cell of the central nervous system called “astrocyte”. On 28 November 2016, Cindy was successfully awarded the title of Doctor in Biology for her PhD thesis entitled “Astrocyte phenotype during differentiation: implication of the NFkB pathway”.

She will collaborate in different research projects supported by Alzheimer Europe including EPAD and AMYPAD. She will also help in the dissemination of EU funded research projects. In addition, Cindy will develop and update the Alzheimer Europe database on clinical trials in Europe.

Phone: +352 29 79 70

Twitter icon  @CindyBirck



Last Updated: Wednesday 05 September 2018