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Marcel G. M. Olde Rikkert


Professor Marcel Olde Rikkert (52 yrs) - Geriatrician, MD, PhD, Head of the Department of Geriatrics and Director of the Radboud Alzheimer Centre at Radboud University Medical Centre - is currently appointed as the Principal Investigator, Principal Lecturer and Principal Clinician at the Radboud University Medical Centre.

His dementia-related research focuses on development of complex interventions and e-interventions. As such, his group has carried out several randomised trials on exercise, nutrition, preventive e-health, and (e)diagnostics and guidance. His group also studies biomarkers on dementia, both in cerebrospinal fluid and in cerebrovascular autoregulation. He also develops a national guideline to facilitate research in frail older patients and patients with dementia.

As a Principal Lecturer, Prof. Olde Rikkert started and chaired the unique internship in geriatric medicine, obligatory for all final year medical students, and has just recently been awarded the prize for Best Internship of 2013, awarded by the students themselves.

Being a Principal Clinician, he co-chairs the Nijmegen Network for Care for the Elderly, which started  in 2008 by a grant of the Dutch Organization on Health Research and Development. Together with this Network his group now starts the "DementieNet" innovation, stimulating high quality and sustainable dementia care, under the umbrella of the Radboud Alzheimer Centre.

Prof. Olde Rikkert has also published more than 300 peer-reviewed papers and supervised more than 30 PhD theses.



Last Updated: Monday 09 February 2015