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Kees Blankman


Dr. Kees Blankman is Associate professor of Family Law and Health Law at VU University Amsterdam.

He carried out research on guardianship for adults in 1994 (Dissertation), 1998 and 2002 and is Chairperson of a Working Party set up by the Council of Europe to develop a text for a European Recommendation regarding continuing powers of attorney and advance directives (2007 to spring 2009).

Dr Blankman is a member of the Dutch delegation of the EU Project, Grundvigt (Netherlands, Austria and Germany) on the education of volunteer guardians for adults in Europe (2009) and also actively contributed to the Alzheimer Europe Law Net projects.

He is involved in implementing the UN Convention on rights of persons with disabilities in The Netherlands , e.g. carrying out an inventory research for the Dutch Human Rights Committee on two questions: how does the UN Convention relate to the European Convention on Human Rights and what parts of the Dutch legislation on representing and supporting vulnerable adults are inconsistent with the two Conventions and need to be changed. 

He is also editor of an online site in The Netherlands for family members seeking information on guardianship for adults (over 2000 hits per month).

He is a substitute judge on mental health cases and guardianship cases and is also involved in: general research, publications, advice, training courses (for lawyers and non-lawyers) and presentations on both national and international conferences, such as Alzheimer conferences.



Last Updated: Thursday 17 September 2015