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Dietmar Mieth


Dr Dietmar Mieth, born 1940 in Berlin, holds the Chair of Theological Ethics/Social Ethics at the Universities in Fribourg, Switzerland (1974-1981) and in  Tuebingen, Germany (1981-2008). Studies in Theology, Philosophy and Literature. He was (1978-2001) Editing Director at the International Theological Journal CONCILIUM, Founder and Chairman of the Center for Ethics in the Sciences at the University of Tuebingen ( 1985-2001), Founder of the European Society of Catholic Theology (1989), Counsellor in the Group on Ethics in the Sciences and New Technologies at the EU-Commission in Brussels (1994-2001) also at the European Council and the German Parliament. (Federal Cross of Merit of Germany 2007).  President of the "Meister Eckhart Gesellschaft“ 2008-); He is a Fellow of the Max Weber Center for Advanced Studies at the University of Erfurt, Germany ( 2009-). He has published 30 Books as Author (and another 30 as Editor) on Social Ethics and Ethics in the Sciences, on Meister Eckhart, on Narrative Ethics. Recently : Co-editor of the Cambridge Handbook on Human Dignity and  author of Meister Eckhart (Collection Denker), Edition Beck, Munique 2014.



Last Updated: Tuesday 10 March 2015