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António Leuschner


Born in Porto, Portugal (1949), M.D. (1974); Psychiatrist (1982). C.E.O. of Magalhães Lemos Psychiatric Hospital, Porto (1997). Co-Author of the Project for the first Service of Psychogeriatrics at HML (1995). Professor of Psychiatry at Abel Salazar Institute of University of Porto) (1998); Assistant Professor (1979). M.B.A. by University of Porto (1992). President of the National Council for Mental Health (2010). Former Coordinator of the National Program for the Health of Older Persons (2006). Member of Portuguese Association of Gerontopsychiatry (2000). Member of Alzheimer Portugal Scientific Committee (2006). Member of the Portuguese Group for the Study of Ageing and Dementia (1999). Member of Interdem (Portuguese Partner). Co-Editor of a Portuguese Textbook of Gerontopsychiatry (2009). Co-Author of ‘Alzheimer Disease and other Dementias in Portugal’ (2005). Author or co-author of many publications and participations in Congresses, Meetings and Seminars on Older Persons Mental Health.



Last Updated: Tuesday 11 August 2015